Monday, December 21, 2009

The Teutonic Knights scene

Here some pictures of the setting for the Teutonic Knight vignette. It will contain two knigths, one on a horse and one standing in front in a winter setting near lake peipus (Battle on the ice). The Teutonic Knights are defeated and trying to find their way out. These two knights ran into some enemy forces and are determined to fight their way through. For sofar the story. For the sculpting I did some adjustments on the anatomy of the figure in the front. The figure on the horse needs still a lot of work regarding to the anatomy. The horse in the scene is a Art-Girona piece sculpted by Andrea Iotti. Which will recieve the typical horse clothing used by the knights those days. Well that´s it for this year, next year this will be one of my main projects to finish.

I wish everybody all the best for 2010, and happy modelling!


Sculpting the left arm

Due to 'Sinterklaas', Xmas diners, visitors and other parties there was almost no time left to model. I planned to finish some models before the end of the year but I just don't have enough time for modelling at the moment. Well at least I made a bit of progress on this sculpture. I was not satisfied with the belt around his shoulder. So I removed a bit of the uniform under the belt and now it´s closer to the body. I also added some more details to the belt and had to re-sculpt some buttons that fell of. The cloths on left arm are sculpted with the epaulet on the shoulder made from duro and Magic Sculp.
Still a lot of work to do but I'm happy with the looks and the progres of the figure.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The face done!

After almost half a year I started working on this figure again. I wasn't satisfied with the face colors and changed the color mixture adding more red and I blended all the transitions. The helmet received the base metal color and now some shades have to be added. Furthermore I worked on the belts and finished the protection flap around the neck. Next step is to weather the chainmail and helmet and continue with the surcoat.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A little more progress

I was away for almost a week so not much progress has been made. I added some small details on the frontside of the figure, but the most work was done at the back adding the pockets with buttons. The decorations had come of so I had to do them also again. Futhermore I fixed the belt and bag in place. More work will follow the coming weeks.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The last days I made some progress on this figure that had to place aside for some months because I had to finish my two latest figures before the summer. Having a fresh look at the figure after several months I spotted some more flaws, and started correcting. More volume was added to the legs and chest part. Did some refining of the folds. And I added the right arm which is going to rest on a table. Then it was time to add the braid work on the trousers. I needed a very thin layer of putty and I was a bit afraid to ruin the rest under it. I had some difficulties but in the end I managed to get the braid work on the trousers. Sculpted some more braid work on the waistcoat and added a collar. When the braid work on the trousers was hard I started adding the belt, still some more work to do here. For the belt of bag I used metal foil and have to add the details later on. Hope to have some more progress very soon.


Friday, November 6, 2009

Teutonic Knights vignette

The last two weeks I'm working on some of the ongoing sculpting and painting projects. But I haven't made much progress, so it's useless to show some pictures. Especially with the sculpting I need several attempts to get something look right, so it's going very slowly. And dropping the piece on the ground doesn't help either to get some more progress. But anyhow by the absence of progress on the other projects I'm presenting a new project which is planned for next year. It will be a vignette with two Teutonic Knights one on a horse an the other standing. And probably a third figure from the opposing side. The inspiration comes from the two Pegaso 90mm knights but mine will be done in 54mm. The anatomy of the standing figure was done a while ago and it needs some refining. The next step will be adding the chainmail and clothes. It will be a challenge but hopefully I can turn it into a nice vignette. Here is the first picture with the anatomy of the standing figure.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Some more pictures

On the timeline forum I found a link with photos from Project Girona 1809-2009 made by Fernando Ruiz. There are a lot of photos of all the figures that are exhibited. Well worth visiting.
Here is the link:Photos Girona by Fernando Ruiz

Here are few of these photos with some more entries for Project Girona.
The figure from Jesus Gamarra from a different angle from were you can see the beautiful painted floor.

The figure is sculpted and painted by Joan Masferer

The figure was sculpted by master A.Iotti and painted by J.Masferrer. A beautiful piece!

Another entry but I have no idea who are the sculptor and painter.

This figure was painted by J.Gamarra and is also the boxart. The sculpture is from M.Saez.

This figure is painted by F.Ayala.

This entry is apparently still not there but I found it on the cusachs blog. It's sculpted by Andrea Iotti and painted by Hernandez.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Exposition Girona 1809-2009

After I finished the two pieces for project Girona I didn't do much modelling these weeks. I went with the family on some holidays and recovered from the lack of sleep and stress. The figures were brought to the exposition about 200th anniversary of the war against Napoleon. And now my figures are standing between the others figures of master sculptors and painters. Not all the pieces did arrive yet but I took some pictures of the ones that were there. I was very happy to see my figures standing there, although they are not the top quality as others there. But creating original figures was something I always wanted to achieve. This are my first two, still a lot to learn but it was a great experience. Time to make some more figures. Here are the photos:

A stock figure of Art-Girona moddeled by M.Saez and painted by J.Masferrer, J.Pelegrin and F.Ruiz who did also some coversion on his figure.

The figure was sculpted and painted by Lydie Queyroi. A beautiful figure!

Another masterpiece sculpted by J.Avila painting by L.Esteban

This beautiful figure was sculpted and painted by master J.Gamarra.

Here a picture from my husar de San Narciso.

And the second figure from me on the right. The same figure on the left is sculpted by R.Garcia Latorre and painted by Joan Masferrer.

This figure was sculpted and painted by G.Giordana

Here the second creation of Jesus Gamarra.

This is also a stock figure from Art-Girona painted by J.Gamarra and F.Ayala who did also some conversion work.

And the last one of the serie which was sculpted and painted by master R.Navarro.

I made some more pictures but they are on my other camera.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Husar de San Narciso finished

And the second figure for project Girona is also finished. I resculpted the flag in one that is hanging. And also changed the type of stones of the wall. The paintjob was done in record time for me of three weeks. I still wanted to change some small changes but there was simple no time left and the two figures are on the way to the exposition. Well here are the pictures of the figure placed on the basework.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dragoon finished

Finally the dragoon is finished. I added the sword and painted the socks and some details that were missing. I also added some dust on the boots and other parts of the figure like the elbows. The wood and stones of the basework also recieved some paint and now he is ready to go to the exposition.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Figure almost finished

The figure is almost finished now. Yesterday evening I increased the contrast on the white because I was feeling there was a not enough contrast. I also painted the boots and the rest of the laces. Now it's time to glue the figure together and mount it on its base. Add the last details and do some touch ups on the paintwork were the parts are glued together. And the last thing to paint is the flag. Not much time left so this has to go fast. Hopefully I won't break anything during mounting or damage the paintwork. Wouldn't be the first time. I keep my fingers crossed. Here are the pictures of the painted figure.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Update on the Hussar

The last two weeks I spend almost every available hour on painting the figure painting until late in the evening. When it's finished I'm going to sleep for a week. By now I finished the face and are almost done with the white jacket and brown trousers. Now I have to paint the boots the blue collar and his sword and glue the piece together. Yesterday I also spend some time in painting the base work. Still a lot of work to do but I keep my fingers crossed hopping to finish it in time.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Husar face almost done!

I primed the figure and started painting the face first as I usual do. First I added all the rough highlights and shadows and afterwards these were blended together. The colors I used for the face are brown sand, basic skin tone, burnt cad. red and some brown rose, red and black. Still some work has to be done on the ears and hair. And some little beard grown on the chin has to be added. Here are the two first pictures of the face.
After this I will work on the white shirt. This is always a difficult color to get right. But hopefully I can find some time to paint and I don't run into to many problems and show some new progress pictures soon.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Husar de San Narciso 1809

Here are the pictures of the second sculpture for Project Girona which is finally finished. It's the Husar de San Narciso 1809. For this one only a pair of legs, sword and a head was used.
The rest was sculpted from Magic Sculp and Duro.
The braid work was a lot of work with all the small details but it was fun to do. I tried out some different sculpting tools and I learned a lot from this figure which I will use for my next sculptures.

Now I have to hurry with the painting because there are only a few weeks left.
So this will be my fastest paint job ever!