Monday, December 21, 2009

The Teutonic Knights scene

Here some pictures of the setting for the Teutonic Knight vignette. It will contain two knigths, one on a horse and one standing in front in a winter setting near lake peipus (Battle on the ice). The Teutonic Knights are defeated and trying to find their way out. These two knights ran into some enemy forces and are determined to fight their way through. For sofar the story. For the sculpting I did some adjustments on the anatomy of the figure in the front. The figure on the horse needs still a lot of work regarding to the anatomy. The horse in the scene is a Art-Girona piece sculpted by Andrea Iotti. Which will recieve the typical horse clothing used by the knights those days. Well that´s it for this year, next year this will be one of my main projects to finish.

I wish everybody all the best for 2010, and happy modelling!



steve readdie said...

Looking forward to seeing this one develope mate, looks like a very promising piece of work.


Marcel Boerrigter said...

Thanks Steve! Hopefully I can manage to create the scene that I have in mind.

Take care,