Friday, October 23, 2009

Some more pictures

On the timeline forum I found a link with photos from Project Girona 1809-2009 made by Fernando Ruiz. There are a lot of photos of all the figures that are exhibited. Well worth visiting.
Here is the link:Photos Girona by Fernando Ruiz

Here are few of these photos with some more entries for Project Girona.
The figure from Jesus Gamarra from a different angle from were you can see the beautiful painted floor.

The figure is sculpted and painted by Joan Masferer

The figure was sculpted by master A.Iotti and painted by J.Masferrer. A beautiful piece!

Another entry but I have no idea who are the sculptor and painter.

This figure was painted by J.Gamarra and is also the boxart. The sculpture is from M.Saez.

This figure is painted by F.Ayala.

This entry is apparently still not there but I found it on the cusachs blog. It's sculpted by Andrea Iotti and painted by Hernandez.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Exposition Girona 1809-2009

After I finished the two pieces for project Girona I didn't do much modelling these weeks. I went with the family on some holidays and recovered from the lack of sleep and stress. The figures were brought to the exposition about 200th anniversary of the war against Napoleon. And now my figures are standing between the others figures of master sculptors and painters. Not all the pieces did arrive yet but I took some pictures of the ones that were there. I was very happy to see my figures standing there, although they are not the top quality as others there. But creating original figures was something I always wanted to achieve. This are my first two, still a lot to learn but it was a great experience. Time to make some more figures. Here are the photos:

A stock figure of Art-Girona moddeled by M.Saez and painted by J.Masferrer, J.Pelegrin and F.Ruiz who did also some coversion on his figure.

The figure was sculpted and painted by Lydie Queyroi. A beautiful figure!

Another masterpiece sculpted by J.Avila painting by L.Esteban

This beautiful figure was sculpted and painted by master J.Gamarra.

Here a picture from my husar de San Narciso.

And the second figure from me on the right. The same figure on the left is sculpted by R.Garcia Latorre and painted by Joan Masferrer.

This figure was sculpted and painted by G.Giordana

Here the second creation of Jesus Gamarra.

This is also a stock figure from Art-Girona painted by J.Gamarra and F.Ayala who did also some conversion work.

And the last one of the serie which was sculpted and painted by master R.Navarro.

I made some more pictures but they are on my other camera.