Sunday, November 28, 2010

Face almost finished

Most of the blending work on the face is done, trying to accentuate the woman's face with soft transitions . Only some corrections have to be made. I also gave her a pair of blue eyes and a pair of red lips. I painted also the base color for her hair and surcoat. After finishing the face I will continue with the hair. 
Hopefully I can give a next update very soon.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The first brush strokes

Here are some pictures of the first brush strokes on the fantasy crusader. The skin part and chainmail is base coated. I added the rough highlights and shadow on the face and made a start with blening the left part of the face. For the skin I added also brown rose to the base get a different skintone. Now the fun part of blending all the transitions and correct all the mistakes will start. I hope to have some more progress soon.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Female Fantasy Crusader

This is my next figure on my work bench. It's a 75mm Female Fantasy Crusader from Reedees Miniatures.
And I'm going to paint the box-art for this figure. It will be my first fantasy piece, which gives you some more freedom in the color choices. I started already with the face and this time I chose a different skin color. Soon I will post some in progress pictures.
By the way,here are the photos of the sculpture taken from Steve's blog. The final sculpt has also a piece of surcoat.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Some more Soldat de Plom 2010

El baluard now published the results and a photo album with all the figures that were on the show on their website. They are all photographed with a nice background and proper lighting.
All the figures can be seen following this link: All figures on the show
The medal results from the show can be found here:

Below are two figures that were there and were lucky to receive a medal. The third picture is me getting a medal from the always friendly and sympathetically Pere Masferrer. (photo taken from the Lugdunum website)

For the ones that can't get enough some more albums can be found here: