Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Continuing with ADC Joseph Steck

Now that I finished my last figure von Zieten. I decided to continue with this figure, which was standing already for a longtime on my desk. There were several things I was not satisfied about. So I decided to change as much as possible without destroying half of the figure. His left leg was located too far to the outside so I cut it and replaced it a few millimeters inwards. Also the folds on both arms were redone and look more natural now for my feeling. The last things that were corrected are the legs. Here some more volume was added and the height of one of the boots was adjusted. Some more refining still has to be done and I have to sculpt the rest of the details. Here the pictures.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Joachim von Zieten finished

This figure I finished some weeks ago. Just in time to enter in de contest of Soldat de Plom. But ever since I didn't took the time to shoot the final pictures and place them on my blog. 
One of the reasons was that I still wanted to make some corrections to the paintwork that was bothering me. Now that most corrections are done I shot yesterday evening some pictures of the figure. I'm still planning to add a few details in the future but in the coming weeks I first want to focus on some of my sculpting projects.
All the paintwork was done as always in acrylics, mainly Vallejo Model Color. And the horse was painted using an airbrush. As this was the first time I used an airbrush this was quite a challenge. Well here are the pictures of the figure.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Soldat de Plom 2011

From 21 until 23 October the 16th edition of Soldat de Plom was held again in Girona. Also this year I was present at the show which is always visited by many Spanish and French modelers.

 Me and the family arrived on Thursday morning in Girona after a night with almost no sleep. My figure still wasn't finished so I was painting until the last hour. On Friday evening the work was done and I brought my figures to the location of the show. I was directly welcomed by Fernando, Joan and Ignasi and was also introduced to Josep from el baluard and a great sculptor Diego Fernando Fortes. My first painted figure was from Art-Girona and was sculpted by him.

On Saturday and Sunday I visited several of the workshops and had a the opportunity to meet and chat with great people and artists Massimo, Pepa, Carles and Ramon. It was also great to meet Andrea Iotti again, who showed me the principles of sculpting. He also was so kindly to introduce me to Massimo Pasquali. On Sunday I was lucky to have a coffee with Fernando and the winning couple of Euromilitaire Gustavo Gil and Antonio Zapatero. 

 On the displays there were many high quality and stunning figures from master sculptors and painters from mainly Spain and France but also from Italy. The Best of Show Historic was won of course by the couple Gil and Zapatero. Well I had a great time and it was a great organized show. And it was a pleasure to meet and speak to so many great people.

The rest of the pictures can be seen via this link:
Pictures Soldat de Plom 2011