Friday, May 15, 2009

Project Girona 1809-2009

The last weeks there isn't much progress on the figures I was already working on. This is because I'm working also on this project Girona 1809-2009. And this requires more and more modelling time.

This year is the 200th anniversary of the war against Napoleon. Therefore several events are organized this year including this project were a figure has to be sculpting and painted following one of the thirty drawings about the Napoleonic wars made by french modeller Michael Saez. More information can be found on the El Baluard website. (only in Spanish or Catalan).

I chose two figures, the first is a French Brigadier from the 24 regiment dragoons 1809. This will be mainly a conversion of an existing Art-Girona figure were some sculpting work has to be done on changing the positions of the arms and legs.

The second figure I will do is the Husar of San Narciso 1808. Here a pare of spare legs and a spare head are used were the rest of the figure will be scratch build.

Both figures are still in the constructing phase and more or less 60% finished. This is taking up a lot of the time because I'm still learning to sculpt want to produce something decent. I hope to finish them before the end of the month were after the painting process will start. I will not show any in-progress photo's. A step by step will be probably released together with the work of the other modellers in a book or on a DVD by El Baluard. So back to the workbench.