Thursday, April 5, 2012

Painting Workshop

On 24 March another figure painting workshop was held after I was contacted by a modeler from the Twenot building group Utrecht. Most participants this day were armor modelers from the the Twenot building group Utrecht. The group was completed with some other modelers from other groups. After some coffee I started with a small presentation about Zenithal light and painting with acrylic paint. After a short break I continued with a painting demonstration, showing the basic principles of applying highlights and shadow on a figure. For the demonstration a 54mm Napoleonic figure from Alexandros Models was used, which was already cleaned and primed.

Preparing the paint

Starting with the paintwork
After the demonstration everybody started painting their own figures. After applying the rough highlights and shadow it was already time for lunch. Due to the great weather we could sit outside were we enjoyed our lunch. After the lunch I did the second part of the demonstration which was about blending the highlights and shadows. This is always difficult to explain on paper, so by showing it it's much easier to understand.
Hereafter the participants continued with their figures. Now and then there was some frustration when paint ended up in the wrong places but in general great progress was made during the day.



After some hours of painting, discussing, chatting and looking at each other's work it was already time to go home. It was great day and it's very nice to meet other Dutch modelers and show them principles of figure painting. Which hopefully is getting more popular in the Netherlands the coming years.