Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Soldat de Plom 2010

From 21 till 24 October the 15th international show of Soldat de Plom in Girona was held. I also joined the show this year. So me and the rest of the family flew on Friday evening to Girona. On Saturday I entered my figures in the composition and directly ran into Fernando Ruiz. Who was also entering some stunning figures. In the competition were a lot of beautiful figures. On Saturday and Sunday several painting demonstrations were given by Alfonso Giraldes, Alexandre Cortina and Roman Navarro.

Roman giving a demonstration
It was very nice to see how you can achieve with different painting styles (airbrush, oils and acrylics) a beautiful figure. On Saturday there was also a presentation of Adriano Laruccia on how an commercial figure is sculpted and produced and the box art painted (Roman). On Sunday afternoon there was the prize ceremony. There several special prizes and one was a figure painted by Fernando for the best Napoleonic figure in the General class.

Which was won by Paul Vincent. And another figure painted by Jesus Gamarra for the best figure in the General class. After the special prizes the medals for the categories General, Master painting and Master open were divided. I totally didn´t expect it, because there were so many excellent figures, but two of my figures also got a prize. One silver in master painting and a bronze in master open. So returning home with a big smile. After the ceremony I went on a photo with the two master sculptors from Italy Adriano and Andrea.

A little later the chaos started when everybody started to collect their figures. But luckily mine figures got save home again.
It was a great weekend and a great show. The last show for me this year. So back to the working table now making more figures for next year.

The rest of the photos can be seen here:


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Celt finished

After some intensive painting weeks and the last night working until two o'clock I finished this figure.
The ground work gave me some troubles and frustration in the end because of the absence of an airbrush. But I managed more or less. The eyes of the figure were corrected another time because I wasn't satisfied with the look. The design on the shield took quiet some hours but I'm satisfied with the result. I'm happy that it's finished. I learned a lot and hope to make some improvements with my next figure. Now it's time to continue with my other projects, back to sculpting and painting.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Starting the shield

During the last two days I made a start with the most difficult and time consuming part. The Celtic pattern on the shield. As shield color a I choose for a dark green color. The highlights and shadows were added and after that I painted the yellow pattern on the shield with a yellow/brown color. The next step is defining more the pattern and correct the mistakes. 

I also did some more work on the figure. I added shadows to the helmet, painted the collar and did a bit more work on the hair. Furthermore most of the blend work for the trousers is also done. Now I have to finish the skin part and continue with the sword and axe. Here some pictures of the figure.