Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Finished the face

The progress on this figure is a bit slowed down due to the other projects I'm currently working on. But I found a bit of time and here is a little update.
I wasn't satisfied about the color of the eyes so I have redone them.
Also did a bit more blending on the cheeks and a bit toning of the hair.
And I worked on the breast plate of the figure, it still needs a bit more deep shadow. At the moment I'm painting the pattern on the jacket but I'm not very satisfied how it looks. So maybe I'm going to change it.

Here some photos.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update Templar Knight

I went a week on vacation and took this figure and a few bottles of paint with me. And started painting the white surecoat. This time I was aiming for a bit different color than I had done in the other figures before. For the base a mixture of white, green and brown were used. Highlights done with more off-white and shadows with more brown and black. Most of the blending is done on the front of the figure, the back still needs some additional blending. Next steps will be finishing the white surcoat, face and chainmail.