Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Soldat de Plom 2014

This year the XIX edition of Soldat de Plom was held again in Girona. The theme of this year was the war of 1714 fought in Barcelona, now 300 years ago. The figure for this year was sculpted by Antonio Zapatero and painted by Joan Masferrer.

My addition to the show of this year was the cantinera named Clara de Mas i Duran (1714), which was sculpted and painted by me.

On Friday evening just after work I went to the show which was held again in the church of Sant Lluc. It was great to meet all the Spanish, French, German and Italian friends who are coming almost every year. And this year I also was pleased to meet Pedro from Portugal who I know from planetfigure and my friend Dick from the Netherlands who I didn't see for over two years now. It was great to chat a bit in dutch again.

On Saturday and Sunday you could see the demonstrations of the masters in either painting, sculpting or building groundwork by Marc Masclans, Adriano Laruccia, Louis Dorio, Antonio Zapatero and Alfonso Prado.Where they were shared their techniques and tips, (thanks for the bag of resin Alfonso!). Furthermore you could spend your time to admire lots of great figures, a little less than other years probably due to the world expo which was held in Stresa this year. And during the rest of the days having a great time by chatting drinking and eating with my friends. 

On Sunday the show was closed as usual with the award ceremony. My son could pickup his second medal in junior class and I won this year a bronze in master open.
The best of show fantasy of this year went to Bruno LavallĂ©e and the best of show historical went to the duo Antonio Meseguer y Gustavo Gil.

I was a great show and hopefully until next year!!!

Pictures of the event can be found here: Photos Soldat de Plom 2014


Friday, April 4, 2014

Finished sculpt: Officer of the Cuirassier

Finally here the finished sculpt of the officer of the cuirassiers. Somewhere in January after a discussion I had with Fernando the figure underwent some changes to make it more appealing and less standard. Instead of having the helmet on his head the helmet was placed under the arm of the officer. Therefore I had to resculpt the right arm and helmet. Secondly the manes were added to the horse his neck by using  a mixture of duro and magic sculp. And finally all the small details like reins, saddle details were sculpted using duro and magic sculp. Now the figure will be send to Fernando who is going to do some magic with the paintwork.