Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Time for an update

It's been along time since I have been updating my blog. The last months was like a roller coaster and time was flying. At the end of august we left the Netherlands and before we were finally installed in our new home  here in Girona it was already October. Then getting used to the new work environment and rhythm also took some time. In the beginning of January I picked up the brushes and sculpting tools again and spend some hours modelling. I spend a few hours on painting but at the moment I'm only focusing on sculpting in order to get some projects finished this year. So, on my work bench at the moment are four figures I'm doing together with Fernando Ruiz, who will do the paintwork. These I will not show until they are finished. Next to these figures I have some side projects. One is a 70 mm fantasy figure and the other a 60 mm conversion of a Napoleonic mounted figure. The horse body is from historex the head is a copy. When preparing putty I always end up with too much, so the excess of putty I used to sculpt the neck of the horse. This is the first stage, next steps are to sculpt the ears, smooth the neck and add the mane. Soon some more updates!