Thursday, April 25, 2013

Workshop with Jesus Gamarra

On 13 and 14 april El Baluard organized a painting workshop with Spanish top painter Jesus Gamarra. The figure for the painting workshop was the officer 3rd regiment foot grenadier, 1751 from Art-Girona. Due to lack of time I  picked up my figure on Friday night before the workshop and had to prepare it before the following morning. Next morning I left a bit tired but with the figure prepared to the workshop.

After unpacking and installing we started with the face, first painting the eyes. I didn't paint for almost half a year so this part was not the easiest to begin with for me. After painting the eyes Jesus showed how to paint the rest of the face, were to apply the highlights and shadows and which dilution we had to use. After some hours painting everybody was getting hungry and we went for lunch. After a good lunch we continued with the workshop. And Jesus showed how to paint a freehand in a very short time which was great to see. We continued painting until around 8 o'clock in the evening. 

Next day after a good night rest we continued painting the red jacket which is a big part of the figure. In a record time Jesus showed how to apply the highlights and shadows of the red color. My painting speed was much slower but much faster than I was used to. Soon it was time to get our hungry stomachs filled and we went for a good lunch. After the lunch the buff part was painted and soon it was time to go home. I had a great weekend and learned a lot from Jesus. Hopefully I can find some time to finish the figure. Above and below are some pictures of the progress I made during the workshop.