Thursday, October 31, 2013

Soldat de Plom 2013

On 18,19 and 20 of October the 18th edition of Soldat de Plom was held again in Girona. This year theme and figure was a "Mosso d'Esquadra" beautiful sculpted and painted by the duo Antonio Zapatero and Jesus Gamarra.

In the weeks before the show I spend a lot of time painting to get at least on figure ready. Two days before the Soldat de Plom the figure was ready, and on Friday evening after coming back from work I brought the figure to the show. I arrived there and after handed over my entry  I soon met my friends from Germany, Italy, France and of course many from Spain. Having a chat and a drink and time was flying by, soon it was time to go home. 
As my son of 6 also is now also infected with the painting virus. He managed to finished a figure and also wanted to take part in the competition. So on Saturday morning I brought him and his painted British line infantry figure to the show.

On Saturday and Sunday there were several interesting demonstrations. Painting demos from Angel Giraldez on fantasy figures and one from Diego Esteban on painting freehand patterns. Antonio Zapatero did a demo on modelling a face, incredible to see him sculpting a face in only half an hour (and handling these tiny balls of puty). And Alfonso Prado did an demonstration on how to create a beautiful snow scenery. In the evening there was a dinner, were every year a different cantinera is elected. This year my wife was the lucky one.

As usual on Sunday in the afternoon there was the award ceremony. For my son and me a great day. He receiving a gold medal in the junior class. And I receiving a silver medal in the painting competition but next to it I was the lucky one to receive a figure painted by Jesus Gamarra for the best painted figure of the 2013 painting course. The figure now has a special place in my display cabinet (many thanks Jesus!!). The best of show went to my german friend Mark Lerach. After the ceremony it was time to return the figures to the contestants and soon it was time to go home. For me it was a great show and hopefully I will meet my fellow modelers in the next edition of Soldat de Plom.

Pictures of the event can be found here: Pictures Soldat de Plom 2013 
or here: SDP 2013