Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A little more progress

I was away for almost a week so not much progress has been made. I added some small details on the frontside of the figure, but the most work was done at the back adding the pockets with buttons. The decorations had come of so I had to do them also again. Futhermore I fixed the belt and bag in place. More work will follow the coming weeks.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The last days I made some progress on this figure that had to place aside for some months because I had to finish my two latest figures before the summer. Having a fresh look at the figure after several months I spotted some more flaws, and started correcting. More volume was added to the legs and chest part. Did some refining of the folds. And I added the right arm which is going to rest on a table. Then it was time to add the braid work on the trousers. I needed a very thin layer of putty and I was a bit afraid to ruin the rest under it. I had some difficulties but in the end I managed to get the braid work on the trousers. Sculpted some more braid work on the waistcoat and added a collar. When the braid work on the trousers was hard I started adding the belt, still some more work to do here. For the belt of bag I used metal foil and have to add the details later on. Hope to have some more progress very soon.


Friday, November 6, 2009

Teutonic Knights vignette

The last two weeks I'm working on some of the ongoing sculpting and painting projects. But I haven't made much progress, so it's useless to show some pictures. Especially with the sculpting I need several attempts to get something look right, so it's going very slowly. And dropping the piece on the ground doesn't help either to get some more progress. But anyhow by the absence of progress on the other projects I'm presenting a new project which is planned for next year. It will be a vignette with two Teutonic Knights one on a horse an the other standing. And probably a third figure from the opposing side. The inspiration comes from the two Pegaso 90mm knights but mine will be done in 54mm. The anatomy of the standing figure was done a while ago and it needs some refining. The next step will be adding the chainmail and clothes. It will be a challenge but hopefully I can turn it into a nice vignette. Here is the first picture with the anatomy of the standing figure.