Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A little more progress

I was away for almost a week so not much progress has been made. I added some small details on the frontside of the figure, but the most work was done at the back adding the pockets with buttons. The decorations had come of so I had to do them also again. Futhermore I fixed the belt and bag in place. More work will follow the coming weeks.



steve readdie said...

good to see that you are still working at this figure and the work you are doing is very nice, i like the way you have sculpted the top of the boots, very clean work Marcel. i think with one of your paint jobs on the figure it will look exellent.


Marcel Boerrigter said...

Thanks Steve! This figure is not easy with all the small details but learning a lot and it's great to do. I'm also curious how the painted version will look like.