Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The face done!

After almost half a year I started working on this figure again. I wasn't satisfied with the face colors and changed the color mixture adding more red and I blended all the transitions. The helmet received the base metal color and now some shades have to be added. Furthermore I worked on the belts and finished the protection flap around the neck. Next step is to weather the chainmail and helmet and continue with the surcoat.



steve readdie said...

Marcel it really amazes me how you have brought the detail out in this figure, i have to admit the sculpting could have been better to make your work easier,with what you have had to work with you are doing an exellent job mate, just goes to show that you have agreat tallent to make even a average figure look great.

All the best mate,


Marcel Boerrigter said...

Thanks Steve for the great compliment! But don't worry, you're not a profesional sculptor. So I didn't expect a perfect figure(it's still a very good one). Just want to improve my skills and try to get in as much details as possible.

Take care,