Thursday, July 26, 2012

Quietness on the modelling front...

Normally is spend several hours every week on modelling but the last couple of months I couldn't find time to paint or sculpt, which explains the quietness on my blog. I'm still busy with several projects but due to the latest development in my private live this has come to a hold. The reason for this is that me and my family had the opportunity to immigrate to Spain. This was always what we wanted but you can imagine it was a difficult decision due to the crisis in Europe and in this uncertain times giving up the secure live is not that easy. But this was a opportunity you don't get everyday so we decided to take our changes. The last months there were some positive developments which has speed up the project. In about a month from now we are already moving to Girona which is the hometown of my wife. So we are going to a place that is already familiar to us with family and friends.

The positive aspect when it comes to modeling is that much more people here are painting or sculpting figures, not like in the Netherlands were only a few people are doing this. And in Enschede I was always far from other modellers and had to travel long distances to visit a figureshow. In the south of Europe much more shows are organized and are now in a much closer distance. But nevertheless I will miss my family and friends here so enough reason for a regular visit.

At the moment we are already packing and arranging all the paperwork. So the coming period I'm busy with packing so I there will be no time for modelling. Hopefully somewhere in October when we are settled I can pick it up again and get at least one figure done this year.