Thursday, April 8, 2010

Adding the details

Now with the Templar finished I can dedicate some time to sculpting again. This is one of the figures I working on for the last weekend. I sculpted the eagle on the cartridge box. The endings on the turnbacks, added some buttons and did a bit of work on the boots. I also finished the right hand were I added the thumb and did some adjustments. After a long search I found a suitable basework for the figure, which I will show in the next update. Here are the pictures.



steve readdie said...

Marcel your detail work looks very nice for such a small scale and everything is moving in the right direction with this figure. I am looking forward to seeing what basework you have decided for this one.

All the best mate,


Marcel Boerrigter said...

Thanks Steve! These Napoleonic figures have a lot of detail. Maybe it would have been better to start with a simpler figure with less details. But I learned a lot from it.

Take care,