Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Joachim Murat 1767-1815

Here is the next figure I cleaned the last week.
It's Joachim Murat, or Gioacchino Murat in Italian. The best commander of Napoleons cavalry. In 1808 he became king of Naples. He was head of the staff during the Russia campaign in 1813 and joined the side of Napoleon during the hundred days campaign. After the fall of Napoleon he escaped to Corsica and tried from there to win back his kingdom but he was captured when he landed in Calabria. On 13 October 1815 he was eventually executed by firing squad at the Castello di Pizzo.

The figure is from the 54mm range and produced by Romeo Models. A beautiful posed figure sculpted by the talented hands of Maurizio Bruno. The casting of the figure  is very good with great details and minimal mold lines to remove. Also it has a perfect dry fit, so no or minimal filling is required when gluing the figure together and this saves already some work and frustration. Here some pictures of the figure before priming.


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