Thursday, November 5, 2015

Soldat de Plom 2015

This year the XX edition of the contest Soldat de Plom. Another great edition with many beautiful figures and several great painting and sculpting demonstrations. There were modelers from Italy, Portugal, France, Germany and Spain. It was great to see all the friends from all over europe here again. This year the contest was held at the same time as the festivities in Girona, so besides the figures there were enough things to visit too. On Saturday there were the demonstrations of Antonio Zapatero (sculpting a face in 30 minutes) and Alfonso Giraldes (painting). 

On Sunday there was another painting demonstration from the Big Child equip with Jose Palomares and Sergio Calvo. In the evening we had a good dinner with lots of food and some very funny activities for a good laugh. On Sunday there was the award ceremony and this year both of my kids were participating, my daughter for the first time. So I'm a very proud father.
Best of Show in the fantasy category was Toni Nieto Cano and in the History category Juan Carlos Avila. After the award ceremony the people picked up their pieces and another years show was finished. I had a great time and hope to see you all next year again!!
I made some pictures of the figures that were shown during the contest and you can find them in the link below. Additional information and pictures can also be found on El-Baluard Facebook page.

Pictures: Soldat de Plom 2015 pictures


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