Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Euro Militaire 2010

Last weekend I went to Euro Militaire. It was my first Euro and it was the 25th anniversary of the event in Folkestone. We went by car and it took us about 7 hours to arrive at calais due to heavy traffic. Which would take us 4 and a half hour on a quiet day. On Saturday we went through the tunnel to Folkestone. When we arrived in Great Brittan I had to get used to drive on the left. We dropped of the luggage in the hotel and went to the show.

I brought 5 of my models for the competition. Because of the 25th anniversary they had a record of more than 1000 entries this year. And the quality of the figures was also very high. On Sundays breakfast in the hotel I unexpectedly met two dutch people I know from Eindhoven. Also some famous people like Jesus Gamarra and Marion and Allan Ball stayed in the same hotel. After breakfast we went to the show and when I entered the competition room I discovered surprisingly that I had won some medals. One Silver and Bronze en two highly commended and one commended.

You can imagine how the rest of my day was. I also ran into several people I only know from the forums, and it was great having a chat with them. For the rest I bought some useful stuff and made pictures of the models. I couldn't photograph all the entries, there where simply too many.

The Best of show of this year went to Chris Clayton with his dragon slayer a very big but beautiful creation and a well deserved winner.

The rest of the photos I took can be seen on the following link:


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