Monday, July 12, 2010

Sculpting the surcoat

 I have made some more progress on the knight. First the belt was cut out from a lead sheet and fixed around the waist. Then electrical wire was used to create a rope which is positioned a bit higher. With magic sculp the folds between the belt and the rope were created. Then a thin sheet of magic sculp was rolled out to create the part of the surcoat below the belt. The next steps are finishing the upper part and the right side of the surcoat and adding the chain mail to the arms.



steve readdie said...

you are doing a very good job witht he mounted knight Marcel, everything looks just fine so far, nice work on the drapery of the surcoat mate.


Marcel Boerrigter said...

Many thanks Steve! It's the first time I make this kind of drapery but learning a lot from it.