Friday, June 11, 2010

Working on the horseman

I continued to work on the knight on the horse. First I sculpted a basic saddle and afterwards I started sculpting the chain mail with a mixture of Duro and Magic Sculp. Impressing the C shape into putty with a needle is time consuming but worth the effort. This is my second try the first one was too bulky. After that I sculpted the knee caps and the protection cloth under the surcoat. Next steps will be completing the saddle and working on the surcoat and belts. Still a lot of work to do.



steve readdie said...

really nice work so far mate and the chain mail looks effective as does the the padded jerkin, good to see his cloathes going on now.


Marcel Boerrigter said...

Thanks steve!
The next steps will be the belts and surcoat.