Sunday, September 3, 2017

British Light Infantry 1814

I didn't dedicate much time to my blog lately due lack of time but I hope I can post more of my work the coming period. This figure I started sculpting some years ago and was part of a project which I started with Fernando Ruiz. But during time things got complicated and the project was not advancing for several reasons. I could not dedicate much time at sculpting due to my change of job and move to Spain. Fernando started his own figure company FER and is occupied ever since, not leaving him much time for other projects. So last year Fernando put me in contact with Alfonso Prado for painting the figures I sculpted. He gladly accepted the challenge and send him the figure at the end of last year. It is a 54mm figure sculpted using Magic Sculp and Duro. As you can see Alfonso did a terrific job painting this figure.The figure was painted in the colors of the Light Infantry Company, of the 104th "New Brunswick" Reg Of Foot 1814.

The figure was painted using acrylics. The paintwork on the trousers was done imitating a wool texture and the details painted on the upper part of the uniform are superb!! Below you can see the sculpted figure before painting, using several metal parts of other figures.

The next two pictures are in-progress pictures of the sculpting progress. The first picture the finished anatomy of the figure is shown and the second picture the trousers are fully sculpted.

More figures to come soon!!


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